Emission-Free Roasting

is in the building...

As the first adopter of Bellwether's revolutionary, ventless roaster, Hive is bringing the newest innovation in the coffee world to the Dimond community. 

Becoming our own roaster is an integral part of our sustainability mission.

By operating the electric roaster with carbon-free electricity, we are creating a roasting process that is truly emission-free. 

Undeniable quality. Incredible impact.

We are proud to fulfill our commitment to creating thriving communities by providing you with an exciting capability to thank farmers directly through "Tip the Farmer" i-Pad located in the cafe.

Hive, the place to bee, in cooperation with Bellwether Coffee, is creating a true "Farm to Cup" experience, establishing a direct connection between coffee drinkers and coffee farmers. 

Our current offerings

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banko gotiti
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