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Our hours are 8-2, daily.

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Coffee & Community

Dubbed by the Dimond community, "The cheers of coffee shops",

Hive, the place to be is a buzzing cafe, serving exceptional coffee, food and family vibes. 

Come feel the sweetness of our Hive - where community, creativity and Oakland love brew into the perfect cup! 

Introducing: Emission-Free Roasting

Join the revolution

Hive, the place to bee is proud to be the first cafe to operate Bellwether's revolutionary, ventless coffee roaster. By operating our electrical roaster with carbon-free electricity, we reduce the environmental footprint of the roasting process and create exceptional coffee that is truly guilt-free. 

Your favorite cafe fare
with an extra flare

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Hive's unique menu includes favorite cafe items such as avocado toast and BLT, as well as items unique to our menu: a vegan cauliflower wrap, our delectable goat cheese toast and our best-sellers: the breakfast sandwich and home-made biscuits. 

We proud to serve organic eggs, yogurt and produce. 

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Opening Hours

Monday – Friday  8 am – 2 pm (COVID hours)

Saturday  & Sunday    8 am – 2 pm


2139 Macarthur Blvd

Oakland CA 94602